fluffy banana bread: healthy, vegan, sugarfree, fatfree

Bananenbrot vegan fettfrei zuckerfrei

a while ago I showed you how I got rid of overripe bananas by baking a delicious banana bread and it didn’t take long until I got requests for the recipe. now I finally managed to keep myself from eating it long enough to take some beautiful pictures 😉 Read more

marathon prep: tips for the race day

marathon prep - race day tips essentials │ nurmalkosten.com

in less than three days it’s getting serious; on sunday I’ll run the vienna city marathon and finish 42,2 km (or 26 miles) without a break for the first time. the preparation was hard and time-consuming, hence I can’t wait for the race to finally start. so, if you’re planning on participating in a (10+ km) running competition, read the following tips for race day in order to start more successful – though most of them apply to short runs too. Read more

asian quinoa carrot fritters: healthy lunching

quinoa-karotten-laibchen asia style

fast and healthy lunch. one of the most popular posts here is the recipe for tuna zucchini patties aka protein bombs to go. therefore it was time to create a delicious fritters recipe, which is also suitable for vegetarians (or even vegans) as well as everyone needing to forego gluten. Read more

marathon prep: the last two weeks

marathon prep - the last weeks │ nurmalkosten.com

it got quiet here on the blog. why? a huge amount of stuff to study, my last spring break (during which prison break keeps me from my books), books I wanna read just for me, thinking about what could be and not to forget the last few days before the marathon. that’s what today’s post is about ’cause after all this marathon series can’t come to an end before the run is done 😉 Read more

carrot lentil curry spread: easter’s not every day


I’m not a huge bread lover. even as a kid my grandmas had to talk me into eating a slice of bread to my scrambled eggs “to avoid getting a stomachache”. that did not change a lot since then, as my bread consume is still very little. though there’s one exception: during parties and dinners with friends I’m a huge fan of canapes as an appetizer as they keep everyone satisfied until the next course is ready. Read more