sugarfree bounty granola: chocolate for breakfast

Bounty Granola

it’s been a while since I shared a breakfast recipe with you and as I believe that breakfast ist the most important meal of the day, it was time to do so again.  today I’ll show you how to make a tasty granola, which makes it hard to believe that it’s only sweetened with maple syrup. Read more

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the swing kitchen [review]

Swing Kitchen 1040 Review │

vienna’s restaurant scene is changing constantly. a little over a year ago, when I returned from canada there also was a switch in my beautiful neighborhood – instead of a modern coffeehouse was suddenly a new burger restaurant: the swing kitchen! it didn’t take me long to try it, although I just made time to report to you about it… Read more

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creamy peanut butter lentil curry: simple soulfood

Veganes Erdnussbutter-Linsencurry

slowly (and luckily) it’s getting warmer again, thus I’d quickly like to show you a delicious soulfood recipe, which can be cooked during every season but tastes even better when it’s cool outside. Read more

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recovery guide: 10 recovery tips for runners

10 tips on how to quickly recover after running │

marathon preparation means intense interval training and several long jogs. after I had to take a month off from running due to a severe stressing of my foot, I took a closer look on how to recover faster after a run. thus, I’d like to give you some recovery tips, so you can do better than I did.* Read more

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fake cannelloni or spinach lasagna roll-ups

Spinat - Lasagne - Rollups

slowly but surely it’s getting warmer, which means spring veggies like asparagus will be available soon. in the meantime you can get into spring mood already, for example by enjoying delicious pasta dishes that remind you of sunny italy. Read more

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