super easy tuna tarte

thunfisch tarte quiche

apparently picnic seems to develop into one of 2016’s food trends. since I haven’t been at a picnic for a while, thinking about it always makes me remember my childhood and summer break with my grand parents on the country side. Read more

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no more excuses: how to conquer your weaker self & go on that run

conquer your weaker self running sports

whenever I plan to go for a run I’m not looking for excuses – I just run. especially since I’ve got a training goal (nearly) no excuse is good enough. if your weaker self still get’s the better of you, ’cause the sofa is so much more comfy than your runners and …  – then I’ve got some tips for you to still go on that run. who knows you might conquer your weaker self permanently 😉  Read more

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watermelon lemonade: the perfect summer beverage


slowly but surely it feels like the summer is coming to an end. likely the reason for this feeling are last week’s cool days. thankfully, it’s already warm again and to make to most of the last hot days a delicious and simple lemonade shouldn’t be missing at any summer party.  Read more

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5 things you should consider before every run

lauftraining │

finally another post about running! even during the most stressful days of writing my bachelor thesis I wasn’t willing to skip my run training, hence I was even able to improve during the last month. with every run I gather more experience and by now, I am able to adjust to the current circumstances pretty well. to do so, I take five things into consideration and adapt accordingly. Read more

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pizza cones: #synchronbacken – number 5

Pizza Cones - Pizzatüten │

saturday afternoon I decided spontaneously to participate in the officially twelfth synchronized baking. nearly to late, since this dough could or rather should be prepared one or more days in advance. but one night was enough – the outcome speaks for itself. Read more

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