spinach artichoke pasta salad: eating outdoors


summer, sun and picnic time! although the last few days have been a bit cooler, it’s still the perfect time to eat outside – no matter if picnic or barbecue. for these occasions or office lunch and your next party, I got another super easy (and delicious) recipe for you: a light spinach artichoke salad.  Read more

summer wraps with tofu: I’m back

sommerliche wraps mit tofu

summer’s here including outdoor events, summer storms, ice cream, watermelon and tan lines. since I’m also “free” again I can finally enjoy all these things and got time to experiment in the kitchen. and wraps even work always when it’s hot, right? that’s why today’s recipe is a simple one, for delicious summer wraps with tofu and other yummy ingredients. Read more

brioche without braiding: yummy breakfast for the lazy

brioche ohne flechten

sometimes I’m lazy. okay, I’m lazy often or I could also say that I don’t like to do any unnecessary work – especially if I already got loads of stuff to do. this deliciously fluffy brioche without braiding is just perfect for those times and as in austria, june means time for exams I just have to show you this recipe.  Read more