becoming a marathoner: the beginning

marathon prep

for about two weeks I’m already training for my first marathon and as promised I wanna report regularly about the progress. so, today I’ll start at the beginning, a few weeks after the wachau half marathon. Read more

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one pot quinoa salad: healthy fast food

lauwarmer quinoasalat

after having published so many sweet soulfood recipes, I’m finally back with a healthy savory dish. as I haven’t got a lot of time at the moment I usually prepare fast meals, which of course taste delicious all the same. besides they have to be filling because my body needs to be fueled well to survive the stressful everyday life… Read more

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der mann at helmut-zilk-park [review]

der mann helmut-zilk-park brunch

as a blogger and foodie I monitor the viennese restaurant scene all the time, as I do not want to miss a new hotspot to enjoy a delicious meal. hence I know most of the places I try for good morning vienna – at least by their names and cuisine. however, at the last meet-up of some of the good morning vienna breakfast bloggers I got to know a new restaurant.  Read more

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chocolate coconut rum cake: a fluffy delight


it feels like I’m all about creating and blogging delicious baked goods at the moment 😉 ’cause just after publishing these awesome cinnamon roll muffins, there’s another sweet delight I wanna share with you immediately. Read more

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cinnamon roll muffins: easy peasy fall snack

cinnamon roll muffins

time flies by. it’s already close to the middle of october, which means christmas and new years eve are just a blink or two away. and every year, when it’s turning colder one spice is slowly moving to the front of the spice cabinet: cinnamon. Read more

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