summer wraps with tofu: I’m back

sommerliche wraps mit tofu

summer’s here including outdoor events, summer storms, ice cream, watermelon and tan lines. since I’m also “free” again I can finally enjoy all these things and got time to experiment in the kitchen. and wraps even work always when it’s hot, right? that’s why today’s recipe is a simple one, for delicious summer wraps with tofu and other yummy ingredients. Read more

brioche without braiding: yummy breakfast for the lazy

brioche ohne flechten

sometimes I’m lazy. okay, I’m lazy often or I could also say that I don’t like to do any unnecessary work – especially if I already got loads of stuff to do. this deliciously fluffy brioche without braiding is just perfect for those times and as in austria, june means time for exams I just have to show you this recipe.  Read more

mediterranean italy bowl: are superbowls really super?

mediterrane italien bowl

did she turn into a „basic“ blogger now and drinks her coffee out of avocados? I sincerely hope I did not! however, today I’ll show you the recipe for a mediterranean italy bowl anyway, ’cause zorra started a new blogeventRead more

fast potato hash: it’s time for brunch!

schnelle kartoffelpfanne

if you’re scrolling through instagram, you could almost believe there’s only avocado toast, porridge, acai bowls or yogurt with granola available for breakfast or brunch. maybe even eggs benedict but that’s really it. therefore I created this delicious fast potato hash to broaden your horizon… Read more

healthy rhubarb strawberry crumble: healthy spring desserts

gesunder rhabarber-erdbeer-crumble │

rhubarb season just began and it’s nearly over again already. therefore you gotta make to most of this time of the year and try as many rhubarb recipes as possible. on the occasion of mother’s day I experimented two weeks ago and the outcome was this amazing healthy rhubarb strawberry crumble. which was gone in a matter of minutes. Read more