(christmas) gift giving made easy

gift giving tips

christmas is coming closer: gingerbread has been availble in stores for months, christmas markets have been open for weeks and now two doors of the advent calender are already open. although christmas or the advent season should be the time to calm down and be thankful, that’s not the case for most of us thanks to exams, project deadlines, christmas party invitations and not to forget gift buying obligations. therefore I wanna help you to destress a little…  Read more

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sweet potato chickpea spinach curry: a one pot soulfood

süßkartoffel spinat kichererbsen curry

even though the cold weather took a little break in austria, winter has kinda begun already. even though I’m freezing quickly I’m usually looking forward to the cold season as it means skiing and soulfood!  Read more

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fried asian noodles: gilmore girls sychronkochen

gebratene nudeln mit ei

one reason why we – or at least I – love tv shows so much is coming back to another world to the favorite characters and follow their path for a while. all the more sad is seeing the last episode of a show and being left with only your imagination to create their further life. though sometimes you get lucky and your favorite tv show returns… Read more

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brunch at the gartenhotel altmannsdorf [review]

gartenhotel altmannsdorf brunch

after telling you about my love for breakfast and posting a recipe for an awesome homemade breaky on monday, I wanna show you a nice place to brunch in vienna today. namely the gartenhotel altmannsdorf, which my brother and I payed a visit a few weeks ago. Read more

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coconut porridge with caramelized banana: a new fav

kokosporridge mit gebratener banane

if you’ve followed me and my life for a while you already know the following: i looove breakfast and brunch! while during weekdays I just take an ordinary jar of overnight oats to the office, on weekends I like to prepare breakfast dishes that take quite some effort.
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